Buy with us

You have decided to purchase your next home, so what’s next? Numbers of questions and uncertainties just flow in your mind, isn’t it? The buying process is simple only if your find the expert, the one that could help you through all the process. One of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life is buying a property, and experience and expertise matter. The right advice and guidance is paramount and they can make a significant difference in making sure that you not only paying the best price, but that you also finding the right place. In every stage of buying process, CT real estate group support you in the following way:

Evaluation of Property Needs

  • Are you looking for an existing or a pre-construction home
  • Assessment of your needs, including your budget, home features and preferred neighbourhood.
  • Help to determine and plan on the timing of your next move


Local Market Knowledge

  • Share market report and current trends and bring up to date market condition to our client
  • Aids in understanding online home buying resources
  • Discuss local market considerations and lifestyle amenities


Property Viewing and Purchase Support

  • Executive transportation to get to know the neighbourhood and preview the properties
  • Recommendations for properties and arrange showing tours
  • Carefully prepared the contracts and negotiate at your best interest


Escrow Services Assistance

  • Assistance with escrow services from start to finish
  • Referrals to mortgage professionals, inspectors and insurance resources
  • Access to legal and accounting advisors
  • Assistance with moving and relocation