List with us

Your home is very personal, important, and valuable asset, that’s why we understand it can be emotional and complicated endeavour to sell your home. In a challenging marketplace like nowadays, choosing the correct real estate agent is the most number one decisions you need to make. It could result differently as your home being on market for months of months or be sold quickly for hundreds of thousands more than the others. Numerous questions and concerns will need to be addressed, and the advice and consultation that we provide can make a tremendous difference in the results. We know how to make our client a winner in the market and make sure all our goals are achieved in the following way:

Property evaluation and pricing

  • Review property in depth to determine required improvements or repairs
  • Determine pricing strategy and timing recommendations
  • Analysis on market condition
  • Coordinate & execute improvement plan


Marketing Plan

  • Custom Brochure and Property Website
  • Professional photograph & Floor Plan
  • Listing in MLS and hosting open houses
  • Property featured on real estate websites
  • Ad Placement in various social media platform


Home Improvement and Staging Evaluation

  • Walkthrough inspection to prepare your home for best possible condition
  • Meet with professions to determine staging needs
  • In-house touch-up decoration available
  • Access to professional cleaning and home improvements professions


Concierge Services

  • Timely follow up and weekly updated on feedback
  • Negotiation at your best interest
  • Assistance with moving and relocation
  • Access to legal and accounting advisors
  • Introduction to wealth management advisors